• Sale, acquisition and financing of commercial bodies
  • Development of schemes and finace projects
  • Organisation of assets of businesses in joint ventures.
  • Tax issues connected to business and other problematic taxes
  • Writing and negotiation of commercial leases, business licenses and lease of selling points

Planning and regulation connected with all businesses, Tirelli Maritime Lawyers, Tax experts and associates is a legal studio of company lawyers with offices in Milan, Bologna and Rome which specialises in commercial law and business rights.


Commercial law connected to businesses and commercial property covers a wide range of issues relating to questions of comformity to environmental rules both the respect of norms in terms of licenses and leasing contracts. Specific laws distinctly regulate the different areas of commercial property comprising? Banking, Bankruptcy, consumer rights and responsibility of production, contractual obbligations, property rights, mortgages, marketable title, business transactions, sales and leases. Moreover, our services include consultation on Italian commercial law and international commercial law and the drafting of commercial contracts related to the sale of goods and services of businesses, such as:

  • Sales contracts (Including the International Convention of Vienna of 1980 on the international sale of movable goods, CISG).
  • Supply contract (VISITA) Consumer archive (EUROPE)
  • Distribution contract
  • Business contract
  • Commission contract
  • Franchising contract and master franshising
  • Business procural contract
  • Brokerage contract
  • Mediation contract
  • Contract of concession trading
  • Licensing contract
  • Branging contract
  • E-trading and know how.

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